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SUMA – School and University Management Apps

Primary Aim of this software is to improve communication amongst the stakeholders of the School’s , College’s, University’s  –  Parents, Teachers, Students, Principal, School Staff.

Effective Data-base Management system for the School’s , College’s, University’s. Individual student’s Performance Analysis. SUMA has been serving as an effective and unique platform for bridging the communication gap between its users and has been at the disposal of its existing clients whenever and wherever required


SUMA ( School & University Management Apps )​

  • Strategy

    Android Native, iOS Native Swift, Windows Forms, .NET MVC

  • Design

    UX UI Design, Logic Design, Cloud Design

  • Client

    Kites Junior College

  • Production

    Skrots Software Solutions

  • Developer

    Harsh Bakshi

  • Budget


School and university management apps are software applications that assist educators and administrators in managing and organizing various aspects of their educational institutions. These apps can be used to manage student information, track attendance, schedule classes, communicate with students and parents, and more. Some popular features of these apps include grade book management, homework assignment tracking, and student progress tracking. Some apps also include features for tracking student behavior and for creating and distributing announcements and news updates to students and parents.

These apps can be used by educators and administrators to streamline their daily tasks, improve communication, and better track student progress. These apps can also be used by students and parents to access information about their classes, grades, and school activities.

⬤ 01. Android & iOS Native

Mobile Applications

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