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Urdu Memos

Take your notes faster and easy in Urdu with Urdu Memos now on all your Android Devices.

Urdu memo app which comes with the Traditional script of Urdu “Nastaleeq” now users can get the traditional feel of Urdu like in books and newspapers

This app comes with 4 different languages that can be used simultaneously users can import images and categories, and change the color, the purpose of this app is to help the user to type and save the memo and notes in Nastaliq font who are unable to use this features in their devices.

Designed & Developed By: Skorts.Inc

Current Important features:
☆ Material Design User Interface
☆ Share, merge and search notes
☆ Basic add, modify, archive, trash, and delete notes actions
☆ Manage your notes using tags and categories
☆ Image, audio, and generic file attachments
☆ Sketch-note mode
☆ Notes shortcut on the home screen
☆ To-do list
☆ Export/import notes to backup


Take your notes faster and easy in Urdu with Urdu Memos.

  • Strategy

    Android Native, iOS Native Swift, Windows Forms, .NET MVC

  • Design

    UX UI Design, Logic Design, Cloud Design

  • Client

    Mohammed Abdul Aleem

  • Production

    Skrots Software Solutions

  • Developer

    Harsh Bakshi

  • Budget


A Urdu Memos App is a mobile application designed to help users create and organize memo notes in the Urdu language. This app allows users to quickly and easily take notes and save them for later reference. The app’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all ages and skill levels. Users can create new notes, edit existing notes, and organize them into different categories or folders. The app also includes a search function that allows users to quickly find specific notes by keyword or phrase.

The app also has the ability to add images, videos, audio recordings and even to set reminders, which can be useful for keeping track of important tasks or events. Additionally, users can share their notes with others via social media or email. This feature can be useful for students sharing notes with classmates or for professionals sharing notes with colleagues.

The app also has a feature of setting password to protect their important notes. This feature can be useful for users who want to keep their notes private or secure.

Overall, a Urdu Memos App is a useful tool for anyone who wants to take, organize, and share notes in the Urdu language. It is a great way to stay organized, stay on top of important tasks, and share information with others.

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