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stuffinDrive – Custom Cloud Solution

* Save your stuff.. The way you want.. |>*

stuffinDrive puts your data at your fingertips, under your control.
Store your documents, calendar, contacts, files, and photos on a cloud-based drive hosted at our servers which gives you access to all your files whenever and wherever you are.

The easy web interface and mobile app allow you to share files with other users, To create and send password-protected public links, let others upload files to your cloud, and to get notifications on your phone and desktop when a user on another cloud server shares files directly with you. And you can do all these things from desktop or mobile clients, too.



Save your stuff.. The way you want.. |>

  • Strategy

    Android Native, iOS Native Swift, Windows Forms, .NET MVC

  • Design

    UX UI Design, Logic Design, Cloud Design

  • Production

    Skrots Software Solutions

  • Developer

    Harsh Bakshi

  • Budget


We are deeply committed to protect the safety of the data of our customers, the data stored by you is server side encrypted with the cryptographic keys and are managed on your behalf using the same hardened key management systems, we follow best practices around security.

stuffinDrive clients for Android, iOS and desktop systems allow you to sync and share files, in a fully secure way through an encrypted connection. The mobile clients feature automatic upload of pictures and videos you take and can synchronize select files and folders with specific users.

The stuffinDrive’s Calendar and Contacts apps allow you to store, sync, and share your plans with your other contacts. You can share with users or groups on your cloud or sync the calendar or contacts with your devices and access them wherever you are.

The Calendar and Contacts app feature:
. Easy-to-use interface with views for days, weeks, months, and years, Private and shared calendars, and address books with permissions management.
. View and edit documents on the go with stuffinDrive, We support editing your documents in real-time with multiple other editors, showing high fidelity, WYSIWYG rendering, and preserving the layout and formatting of your documents.
. Dozens of formats of files are supported such as DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX + ODF, Import/View Visio, Publisher, and many more…

⬤ 01. Web Application

Windows Forms - .Net MVC Application

⬤ 02. Android & iOS Native

Mobile Applications

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